Dante’s List

I am publishing this a Post for easier access and to let us all use that part of the site. Front End, Content, Back End A. Front End 1. Designers do landing page and general layout - in progress - Nick on landing page 2. Family Bloggers page - Working - posts added in...

Work continues…

We are doing 3 main things: 1. Adding content, see site 2. Refining how we add content, more on this later 3. Trying to make basic changes to the backend, specifically adding comments for all static items that are synched with the main newsfeed, trying to get the...

Rolling Along

Hi, I notice that the blogpost plugin publishes the Excerpt (this is typed there) into the main feed!

And now (drum roll) I add a link to an image:

Happy New Year

Hi, Back from my travels and all the while fighting a nasty cold. But I'm better now. Gotta back on the horse. Where was I???? I am definitely missing a square bracket.

Post # 2 on Xmas Eve

Hmmm, That last one had some html gunk in it. Testing Blogso now using the straight text editor in WP. Happy Holidays. Dante