I love being a tie dyer. I remember making my first tie for a school fair when I was six. Apparently I didn’t do well because the theme was sand dollars and I made squares, oh well. For some reason I have always been drawn to a huge array of colors and when I get started I can put them down crayons, paint, anything. That’s the short version seeing I dropped out of being a fine arts major and started being an artist. Frankly it’s an art that saved my life. Fabric Dying is a art, yet there is a science to it and a metaphysical connection to something that is greater than the self. There seems to be a connection to something greater than myself and this 3rd plane of existence that steps into the art itself its roots are old, no ancient. It has become much more than an art form for me. The time I set aside to create becomes a working and healing meditation. It has open doors and allowed me to communicate and appreciate the beauty of the world. People come and people go but the beauty is in seeing them smile, adding color to their lives and hearing about their adventures. I have alway been more of an introvert so it forces me out of my shell. This weekend I got to attend a wonderful fundraiser called Christmas comes early for Visions Charter School and helped raise funds for childhood cancer, some of my favorite events are for charities and fundraisers. I would not have been able to accomplish such good deeds and attend college at the same time if it had not been for the Grateful Dead and Dead Heads the culture and community that they created has changed my life for the better and allowed me to participate and give back to the world in crazy and unique ways. I never went to high school and although I dropped out of Fine Art to tie dye, it is tie dying that paved the way for me to earn my education in Behavioral and Social Sciences for a time I worked with chemically dependent and disabled veterans and I eventually transferred to Sacramento State college. I am currently a woman’s study major. None of my work or education would have been possible for me to complete if the Grateful Dead and the Dead Head community weren’t who they were. I guess I am just trying to say thank you and thank you to the universe for making it all possible. The art is very much a vehicle for something greater and more spiritual than myself. I look forward to someday going beyond synthetic dyes into natural plant based dyes as for some reason a stronger connection to the earth is needed and praying for peace is more necessary. Nature while it may not produce such pop colors will bring a stronger and clear connection now I’m off on a flash back hahahahhahahahah!