Howdy Folks,
Many of you know I have been working on a project related to my book for a while now. You’ve contributed to an indiegogo campaign and gotten cards that say “Something New Is Waiting To Be Born” Well the baby is born and this is it!!!
Welcome to THE WHEEL. My new tag line is “The Wheel is The Well for the 21st Century” THE WELL was an early online place that Deadheads embraced with enthusiasm. Google it…I loved the concept and hearing people in the band and family, like Barlow and Sue Swanson talk about it. David Gans and Mary Eisenhart passed out flyers and talked it up. I didn’t have a computer back then and am still fairly remedial with it but get help from the youngsters. Anyhow, I digress…
Our community, comprising the Grateful Dead Family and the Deadheads need their own social network, especially now. When I found out that this year was Jerry’s 75th Birthday, I decided to invite everybody in as a gift in honor of the great gift that is Jerry Garcia and his music. A wonderful team of volunteers helped me make all of this happen, the digital version of my book and now this wonderful social network. I look forward talking to all of you, sharing our memories, news and adding your Spokes, linking us together on The Wheel.
Gratefully Yours, Jerilyn Lee Brandelius

Me and MG at Jerry Day!!!