One thing that was very noticeable to me when I saw Dead and Co. at the Gorge last year is the lack of vendors. The lot wasn’t the scene that it used to be when I used to see the Dead in the 80s. I didn’t see anyone selling anything and I was so sad!

My friend Leah doesn’t know the Dead and only came with me because the ticket was free and she’s pretty cool and up for just about anything. We all need a friend who will go along “just because”, right? When we arrived I told Leah, “Just keep your eyes open. This isn’t a concert, it’s a show… and the show starts HERE.” Indeed it did, as deadheads were everywhere and that always makes for great people watching. But I was trying to prepare her for the SCENE I was expecting in the parking lot and sadly, a big part of that was missing.

I was looking forward to buying a shirt from the lot. I had a few way back in the day which I don’t have anymore. I brought cash to pick up a shirt but left without. I did hear that there was quite the scene over at the campground, but we didn’t camp out. We live close enough to drive home. Lesson learned. Next time, we camp. For sure.

I have picked up one new shirt since the show though, from MongoArts on Etsy. (See comment!) I’ve always had a major thing for Brent’s voice and his playing. There was just something that happened when he got into his groove during a show that was magical.

The Lot, T-shirts, and Changes

Just a little light… ??✨