The infamous sound engineer for the Grateful Dead, Owsley Stanley, in addition to creating the Grateful Dead’s speaker system, The Wall of Sound, and his legendary lysergic creations, was also well-known for his many “Sonic Journals” — a collection of around 1,300 tapes capturing over eighty different artists recorded by Stanley in San Franciscoduring the 1960’s and 1970’s. Owsley’s son, Starfinder Stanley, has been tasked with the job of cataloging and transferring his father’s reel-to-reel concert recording to a digital format. The first fruits of the younger Stanley’s labor will arrive with the release of the seven-disc box set, Doc & Merle Watson: Never The Same Way Once, which is due out on June 23rd.

Source: The First Of Owsley Stanley’s Sonic Journals To Be Released In June