There are a lot of reasons I started this social network aspect of the GDFA. A few of them relate to where we hang out now, that is, FB.

The first one is, our community needs it. Too many ads and bad news on FB for me and many of my friends. We wanted an alternative online home to share our lives on and to communicate things that are meaningful to us without being sold products, relentlessly based on our conversations or Likes. We have created Spokes to handle that action for our group. We Are Everywhere and Spokes will hook us up to goods, services and fun stuff…

Second, when FB offered to sell me a book of my memories, I curtailed putting them on their site. Those belong to me and are not for sale unless I am selling them. Now I know why they make it hard to find old posts. They have them archived for their future revenue. We are archiving our posts for historical reasons. Any revenue will be used to run the site and make it better or donated to socially beneficial causes. On TW we not only have the newsfeed but plain old menus and regular web pages that can easily and always be found. No need to hunt around for old posts that get lost or worse dropped by the FB algorithms.

And third, in my opinion  the way they run FB with their politics of banning people seems either political or arbitrary. Earlier today, after I saw a recent JGB video posted on FB, I reached out to the guy who shot it, a close friend and photo contributor to GDFA, named Rich Saputo. I was contacting him to tell him our network is live.
I found out he had been banished from FB. Here’s a link to the petition to get him reinstated,

I don’t think the sin he committed was bad enough to get him banished from FB, so I signed the petition to get him reinstated on the site. As of today, Rich Saputo has joined us in what I’m now calling the “Steal Your Facebook Exodus”. Welcome Rich! His photography website will soon be a Spoke on The Wheel and you can contact him for his services or to buy his amazing photos.

This craziness inspires me to work harder to let folks know there is a great alternative to FB for the Grateful Dead community. I have personal and professional pages I maintain on FB and will continue to keep them going. Many of my friends and family are not affiliated with or into the Grateful Dead and FB is where I communicate with them. I have no ill will toward FB or its fans or owners and wish them luck in sorting out their issues. In the meantime let’s create something new for our community.

In terms of spreading the word about this new social network, I will be doing a lot of old school networking 😉  I am not particularly interested in advertising this network on other social media, but rather building it through grassroots channels and word of mouth. I’m planning personal appearances in October and may be in a town near you.
To bring in the solid core of people I want on this network, I am personally reaching out to certain folks rather than broadcasting on social media. My family, close associates and many of the fans know I have been working on this for a while but they don’t know it’s live now. If YOU are reading this, then you are already part of this new scene so please invite your friends and family and let’s together create something Built to Last, one person at a time.
BIG HUG…Onward & Upward