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The office staff in the early ’70s on the front porch of the Office in San Rafael: Dale Franklin, David Parker, Jon Mcintire, Sam Cutler, Alan Trist, Bonnie Parker, Annette Flowers with friend.

Page 70 and 71

The Band Has No Manager –
That’s the Art of It

How do you get a job on the Grateful Dead staff? Well, a resume probably won’t do you much good, and there’s no tried and true path to getting hired. Initially, it’s who you know. If you just happen to have someone on the inside to vouch for (“She’s cool”), if you appear just when a desparate need opens up, (“Hey, you sitting in the kitchen – c’mere!”) and show a willingness to take on some mind-numbing task with the hope of better times ahead – you’re in! But once you’ve done that first assignment, JUST TRY to walk away! If you’re good the job, you may be stuck with it until you scream for release. On the other hand, if you persevere when a new and different desparate needs opens up, you can probably get that assignment.

As for job security, don’t worry. Sure, you can get fired (never for the reason you suspect), but of you show up the next morning there’s always the chance no one will know you’re supposed to be gone. You can also quit and go away for 3 years to live a double life – no problem – you’ll probably fill a need the very week you get back. And of the band will see you and say, “Hey, how was your trip? Haven’t you been away for a couple of months?”
-Rosie McGee

Photos: Main – Michael Zagaris