I think now which means I should have been asleep now but a cigarette keeps me thinking of the girls first of Frankie as she still remains in London upstairs asleep no longer thinking about last nite as Pete hits out at last on the innocent melody maker man who tells him he cannot eat more no matter how drunk its all become and Frankie afraid afraid, she once the lady of Mitchell/Experience and Casady/ Airplane and one riding to drumming of tables between her legs to Kennedy with Hart/Dead and Rock protesting $100-$ fare to SF and mouth to feed but already she is more beautiful and 4 mos. later she is with Kesey/Prankster on the Oregon farm from city basement/Scene a gogo to farm country &. beaus and life – now afraid asleep at last afraid she blew it when smashing bancardi in Beatles resting room/SF headqtrs london confronting Pete the Angel the motherfucker hit someone Lennon was there now what we got to split tears &. Peter Monk for 5 ordained tibetan years celibate ultimate final STP human for us all kisses her and thinking now of Paula who’s gone home to her house full of blond California new free children old &. wise young with living fibres opened by the men that this trip represents thinking of Sue Swanson original Palo Alto friend and fan of the Dead but first of George Harrison always George till the joke is real and George is real and did she get one final chance to say she was sorry he hadn’t understood her now with 3 mos. old child to be good and in love with the men that had fulfilled her greatest wish and had brought her here to Apple London Harrison where it had all started for her now come full circle like peoples of the planet know so we full circle in California -migratory adventure pushes west and cliffs hang with free people and teaming Japan reaching out and meeting in California full circle can we now after five years the brotherhood dignified free american men make it together back to where we come from to see what is left behind because the music the Beatles have just released on the US is a huge two day event everywhere on the air in our heads American music all of the Joy and pieces of our past fuck-ups with our heads in religion and rice and women is nice but what of our brother Lennon in the papers busted and standing naked with his beautiful Yoko finally we are flashing on the brotherhood of us all and we know he’s getting back together and using what he learned from the last trip with Mahesh &Pepper to our enrichment and we wish only to give back and now back in the USSR at Gulf Stream, Fla. 100,000 gather to hear the dead at Sunday’s sunset outside where just last Easter 7,000 spent their first day high together in Florida sunshine to experience each other through the band and remanifest themselves in Golden Gate Park where the Quicksilver&. Janis that same day played to 15,000 who did it for Central Park’s 20,000 who did for you & me & Yoko & Lennon and Taylor returned to England with love for the suns ripples on the rosy tongues of California all come from somewhere down the road and we keep on rolling-Lennon has been there all along and his Christmas smile made me warm and hunger for home and Ringo’s kids made me dance upstairs and maybe if the rockers from the bridge hadn’t still been plaguing me I could have danced all nite but they followed us reeling home to our floor in Battersea where for third straight nite the police had come to voice complaints of the citizenry whose delegation I had cooled only hours ahead talking shivering in the hall to the man upstairs who couldn’t get his baby to sleep for all the Nortons &. Bezzers revving downstairs I said yes there will be silence and when they would not split I did and minutes later the police. They’re the only ones that seem to really appreciate your music and/or your pranks but I believe we’re getting it together-in LA 80% of the high school students now turning on now with 80% population of India turning on now only London scene two years dry still hung over over drink over cover can we only get it together under Du Champs guilt slip on stage the Albert Hall – Lennon I thank you for being there again. The London hang over is still one year coming down from speed and acid smolder the fire of acid excitement for living fully and I’ll never forget the tarot on the floor of your office with Amsterdam’s Simon and Empress turning up five successive cards reading destruction in the future in all cases with the devil &. king &. empress all now and behind us but destruction ahead-then Pete hits out and Frankie hits out to stop him facing off with a broken bottle and a kiss no mockery no blame what happened when you used to be so free-Donovan asks me and had I some Angels friends to be free with even without Grass to not have friends around without guns and police don’t have guns here even detectives from the yard at Albert Hall and we stood close to them almost constantly between them and the little Bit and Arts Lab and no guns and we felt free as did dancers and hairy christians who used to geez speed in rainy oregon gray days on fulbright scholarships hauling blond north african hash to Switzerland and black­ened by the soot of New York’s Tompkins Square Park same people with now shaven heads calling out on home made cymbals from San Jose and voices raised in Albert’s London hall to join in and be together in dance &. silence. These same left a temple in San Francisco two years after Ron Thelin gave away Psychedelic Shop and Haight boarded up and smiles behind pin ball eyes all turned up tilt except the now hairless Krishnas left California redwoods all the way for temple statues in London somewhere? A temple in San Francisco where my friends carry guns — my friends? — Michael X in London says how can we expect a planet to put a bomb behind us when we carry guns — he don’t — good news! because the San Francisco State revolution is as bloody as Mexico City &. Chicago and we left and that’s where I was arrested first years ago for raising the VC flag over campus in fun. – Rock Scully

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London Run Coyote Rolling Rock is a stream of memories Rock Scully wrote upon his return from the famous Christmas trip to London (see page 58) in 1968 to meet the Beatles at their Apple offices. He wrote more about that adventure in his book, “Living with the Dead” published in 2001.

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Danny Rifkin

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