The Pleasure Crew got its name during the infamous London Run of 1968. The name itself first took form in a tattoo parlor in Soho where it was graven per­ manently into the flesh of several mem­ bers of the cast. Taking George Harrison up on his Christmas invitation, the Dead’s management (Rock, Danny and Jonathan) along with Kesey, Slade, Peter Coyote, Paula McCoy, Frankie Hart, Sue Swanson, Spyder, Sweet William and Frisco Pete, scammed thir­teen free tickets from ASCAP, persuaded Uncle Bobo to air freight the Angels’ bikes and set off to see if London Bridge had really fallen down. The Hell’s Angels had the added incentive of branching out inter­nationally. It was first envisioned as a transatlantic party, a Christmas vacation for the pleasure crew, but after two weeks of bouncing off every English wall from Stonehenge to Saville Row, we realized that the language barrier between America and England was enough work for the heaviest members of the pleasure crew.

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Spider and a friend share a smoke.

Page 58 Jonathan Reister

Jonathan Reister

Page 58 Peter 'Craze' Sheridan

Peter ‘Craze’ Sheridan

Page 58 Sonny Heard

Sonny Heard

Page 58  Ray Slade

Ray Slade

Photos: Top to Bottom – Tom Weir, Jim Marshall, Herb Greene, Guy Cross, Guy Cross