The Hippodrome:
A Nice Family Ballroom

Last night I saw Sarah Bernhardt, Little Orphan Annie, Barbarella, Abraham Lincoln, Laurel and Hardy in Hell’s Angels colors, and I think I caught sight of Lolita sucking on an ice cream bar. A cast from the Bible was there, too- at the Hippodrome. Something of a concert…a little bit of a dance…with some hint of a circus and sideshow…San Diego has added to its list of haves a ballroom complete with ever-changing light show, for acid rock, folk rock, country rock- whatever kind of Now music.

A ghost of a sign says Skateland: silhouetted figures still pirouette in some of the windows. The young people of San Diego who seek their own kind, their own scene, have glommed onto this old shell of a building at Front and G Streets, where mom and dad may have hung out when it was a roller skating rink (their mom, maybe, not mine).

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Translove Airways was our production company we created when we got the Hippodrome Ballroom in 1968. A group of us from La Jolla lived in San Francisco from 1965 until 1967. San Diego county was getting too hard for longhairs due to it being a military town during the Vietnam war, so we split to the freedom of San Francisco. We met many of the bands and decided to bring them to San Diego and open our own place like the Avalon & Fillmore. We had a great run that summer of 1968 and produced a big festival at the Del Mar Racetrack in the fall with many of the bands. -Jerilyn

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Translove Airways staff. I’m the one with the big smile on the left side next to the girl with long hair (Suzanne Spackman) and below Ramon Rashover and above the guy with the white shirt, who’s name I forgot. I’ll get an ID map made as soon as I drag their names out of my brain. I know all these people, we were all the hippies in La Jolla in 1968. Most of us were members of The Pump House Gang, written about in Tom Wolf’s book of the same name…-Jerilyn

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This is when I met the band for the first time…The gig was at the Hippodrome, August 2 and 3, 1968 in San Diego. Along with the band this photo shows two of the promoters and the poster artist: far left (by Weir) is Ed O’Brian. In front of band is Don Collins & Rebecca Galdeano (poster artist). -Jerilyn

Photos: All – San Diego Magazine