The Psychedelic Shop was America’s first head shop. And it was the community center for the Haight Ashbury where all neighborhood problems were hashed out. We all met there – the Diggers, the Berkeley politicos. The Human Be-In was bom there, and so was the idea Of ‘Death of the Hippie’ – when the media had co-opted our self-name and we wanted to bury it so they’d leave us alone. The Shop was always packed with neighbors and it served as a gallery for local art and photography.

Page 54 The Psychedelic Shop

The Psychedelic Shop

Born Jan. 3rd, 1966 … Died Oct. 6th, 1967
Led one hell of a healthy life
God…Let us work together
Survived graduate course education
in City administration,
Law and Order,
Freedom of the press
Freedom of religion
Democracy in action
Diggers kicked us in the ass, Thank you
Love to the Diggers
Love to Chester
Hari Krishna Hari Krishna
LSD is good medicine
Love it to death
Death? is life…some kind of truism
We really were trying to do a good thing
What the fuck, we did a fantastic thing.
Glory, Glory Hallelujah
Dig the Great Spirit
Listen to the Indians
Listen to the trees
We live on the Planet Earth
revolving around the Sun
Hymn to the gentle Sun
The Sun is Free
You are Free
We are Free
God so loved the world
Once upon a time
There was a Psychedelic Shop
That tried to save the World
and succeeded
and then went on to save the Universe
God only knows
and we are God
and God is FREE.
-Ron Thelin

Page 54 Ron Thelin

Ron Thelin, Psychedelic Shop magnate

Page 54 Billy


Page 54 Billy


Page 54 Billy


Photo: All – Herb Greene except Ron Thelin by Tom Weir