The Dead had taken off and gone to LA to hang out with Kesey and the Pranksters, and when they moved back it was to 710. There were two houses, not just one. 710 was the one that became famous, but there was another house a few blocks away on Belvedere Street that Phil and Kreutzmann lived in.
It was pretty loose. It was really a good scene. There was very little money: the whole vibe of sharing was what was happening in those days. It was one of those situations where nobody ever really had anything, but nobody ever really needed anything. It was kind of magic that way. We had what we were doing and that was basically all we needed. Everyone had a place to sleep and clothes to wear and food to eat.

We’d start partying some Friday and get really stoned and hang out. Come Sunday morning we’d all decide to go play live in Golden Gate Park. We’d play in the Panhandle. This was around 1967. So we would decide on Sunday morning. At about 8 or 9 o’clock somebody would run out and rent a flatbed truck and a small generator. We used to pull the truck up in front of 710, throw all the equipment on it, and roar over to the park. We’d start up our generator and start playing. We had it down.
– Healy (Relix Magazine)

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The photos on this page are from one of the famous parties that happened out at Olompali a property in Marin County, California. We don’t know who the naked girl is but in those days at parties in the country, folks were inclined to let it all hang out. The text on this page refers to parties in the Panhandle but the photos on this page are all from Olompali.
A group called the Chosen Family rented the place for a while and often invited the bands from San Francisco to come out and play. The Grateful Dead took advantage of this invitation attending many legendary parties. The Jefferson Airplane joined them on this particular day. Pictured on this page are Jack Casady and Marty Balin from that group. Connie Bonner is a friend of Sue Swanson from the Grateful Dead Family and both are still a part of our lives. There is a film in production called “Olompali: A California Story”, and the producer is Maura McCoy, one of the children from the Chosen Family.

Grace Slick is in the main photo with the naked girl. She is the one in the sunglasses, holding the baby (not hers, her daughter China was born 10 years after this).

Page 36 Connie Bonner

Connie Bonner

Page 36 Jack Casady

Jack Casady of the Jefferson Airplane

Page 36 Marty Balin

Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane

Photos: All – Herb Greene