This photo by Tom Weir appears of the back cover of Aoxomoxoa. For years, there has been a rumor that the five-year-old Courtney Love was on the back cover of Aoxomoxoa – the girl in the front, sitting next to Pigpen. This story has been repeated so often, it’s become an internet “fact,” supposedly confirmed by David Gans and even mentioned in official Dead writings.
Here’s one site that tells the tale:
(From Grateful Dead Guide deadessays blog spot)

[ed. per Ruppi: that’s NOT Courtney Love next to Pigpen — it’s Stacey Kreutzmann.
here’s the article that reveals all the people on the Aoxomoxoa pic:]

Page 35 Aoxomoxoa back cover

What we would do was get up $200 and rent the Fillmore and put on the gig. It was a shoestring operation. The entire show production would be $350. We would make our own posters. A network began to form, of light shows and all, at the same time. Bill Hamm, who was one of the original liquid light show persons, was around doing lights. A pro­duction company formed so that we could produce shows. Not that it was all one com­pany (everyone would func­tion as an individual), but in those days everyone would come, and it would fit together as a whole when you got there. There was not a whole lot of consideration given to whether it was part of one company or not. That’s where the original ‘family groove’ came from. It wasn’t just the Grateful Dead, but it was a whole entire scene that began happening around San Francisco. – Dan Healy (Relix Magazine)

Page 35 Alton Kelly, poster artist

Alton Kelly, poster artist

Page 35 Dan Hicks of the Charlatans and Carmella Skaggs

Dan Hicks of the Charlatans and Carmella Skaggs

Page 35 Ben Van Metre, filmmaker

Ben Van Metre, filmmaker

Photos: Main photo – Tom Weir, all others – Herb Greene