Baby pictures and birthdates
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Phil Lesh Baby Pic
Phil Lesh–
March 15,1940
Mickey Hart–September 11, 1943
Page 17 Mickey Hart baby pic
Page 17 Keith Godcheaux baby pic
Keith Godcheaux–
July 14,1948
Bobby Weir–
October 16,1947 (older boy in photo is his brother John Weir)
Page 17 Bob Weir baby picture
Page 17 Jerry Garcia Baby Pic
Jerry Garcia–
August 1,1942
Donna Jean Godcheaux–
August 22,1945
Page 17 Donna Jean baby picture
Page 17 Billy baby picture
Billy Kreutzmann–April 7, 1946
Brent Mydland–October 21,1952
Brent Mydland--October 21,1952
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Page 17 Billy baby picture
Baby John Perry Barlow, October 3, 1947
Photo creds: Unknown