These wonderful collage pages, created by Peter Zimmels aka Peter the Monk, include people in the Grateful Dead Family who are behind the scenes but should be included in this book, our kids, close friends, musicians not in the GD, and others.

In the future, I hope to create a map to who’s on the pages but for now, I’ll provide a partial list on each page and if you see someone you know who’s not listed, tell me in the comments section. Party On!!!

Page 100 GDFA Alembic

The cast of characters – aside from band members – on this page include, Luke Scully, Wavy Gravy, Fu and Erin Griffin, Maureen Hunter, Bennie D’ Fonseca, Ken Kesey, Eileen Law, Dick Latvala, Neal Cassady, Willie Legate, Christina Hart, Annabell Garcia, Cole Cantor Jackson, Wolfgang Schuster, Steve Parish, Silicia Jensen, Chrissy Healy, Cassidy Law Sears, Jessica Freiburg, and Creek Hart, among others.

Artist: Peter Zimmels