One of my favorite shots of Jerry, smiling at Steve Schneider, who is a really nice fella and a great photographer. It wasn’t easy to convince Big Steve Parish to let new shooters on stage but we are all really happy he let Steve on. The guy off to the side with sunglasses on is James Gurley, the guitarist from Big Brother and the Holding Company.


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Scrooge McDuck

Relix: You played at American University on a rainy day. about ’71…who was that woman on stage left?

Garcia: She was some stripper:

Weir: Kreutzmann was schemin’ on ‘er. “Play a slow number:” “What?” “Play a slow number so I can dance.” “You’re gonna dance?” “I’m gonna take my clothes off and dance.”

Relix: Kreutzmann was gonna take his clothes off?

Garcia: No, no. This chick was.

Weir: “You can’t do that, they’ll bust you.” “That’s what I want.” She wanted to get busted so they’d have her picture in the newspaper.

Relix: I thought she was a regular part of your revue at the time, I hadn’t seen the act in over a year: and I said “Whoaa, what is this!”

Garcia: Yea, she comes on right after the trained seals.

Weir: Right before the guy who breaks bricks with his nose.

Relix: Right after your yellow dog joke.

Rifkin: Okay, you got IS minutes to be in the lobby.

Relix: Well, thanks.

Garcia: Sure. You comin’ to the show tonight?

Relix: No, I gotta be in Washington early tomorrow. Gotta hitch back to Duckburg.

Garcia: (Chuckling and heading for the door) Duckburg…Duckburg, right on.

Weir: Duckburg? I don ‘t get that.

Garcia: (Coming back) That’s where Donald Duck used to live. Still does.

Garcia: On the outskirts is where Uncle Scrooge had his money bin.

Relix: And where all the mailmen were dogs.

Garcia: Duckburg is a happening community. Let’s see, ya everread the People’s Almanac?

Weir: What’s that?

Garcia: It’s a great big book full of bullshit about everything. In one section of it they have a tremendously straight biography of Scrooge McDuck, in three or four paragraphs. lt’s_just as though they were talking about H.L. Hunt or one of those guys…

Relix: John D. Rockefeller

Garcia: Right, it’s wondetiul (laughter). “Conservative estimates place his fortune at approximately fifty scarillion, 750 fantasticatrillion dollars.”

Relix: Impossibillion.

Weir: If you look at some of those old Scrooge McDuck comics, it’s really, really surreal.

Garcia: Carl Bangs, the guy that used to draw the Scrooge McDuck comics, is one of the finest narrative cartoonists ever. They reprint’em still. Carl Bangs is one of my heroes. He lives in Florida, he’s like 90 years old and retired. He does oils of the ducks. They’re beautiful, done in such wonderful style, such tremendous light to it. The stories are so great, great ideas. Land of the Incas and all of those Beagle Boys plots.

Relix: Yeah, you never forget it.

Garcia: “No man is truly happy unless he can do what he likes to once in a while. I like to dive into my money bin, burrow around in it like a gopher; jump up and down in it like a porpoise, and throw it in the air and let it fall on my head.” -John Hall (Relix, Nov-Feb 77/78)

Page 100 GDFA Alembic

78-06-04 Campus Stadium Santa Barbara CA

Page 100 GDFA Alembic

Mickey & Jerry pointing, as if to say “Hey look there’s Bob Seidemann!!!”

Photo Credits: Photo with Bobby – Steve Schneider, Photo with Mickey – Bob Seidemann