“Man needs nothing so much as the dance…All human unhappiness, all blows of fortune which history reports to us, all mistakes of politics…result from…that the dance is misunderstood” (Moliere). Is it sad to be one’s owen enemy?…all that super-star hype. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. If I don’t hear the Grateful Dead at least once a day I go into withdrawals. Will you come play for our softball team? Have you sold out? Whoever wants to be born must first destroy a world. The egg is the world. Their music is hair. We know each other. Remember, the truth hurts! if you got any feelings to begin with. Music to remember innumerable lifetimes. The showboat lifted into a brightening atmosphere — orange sun across numerous heads regathering from muddy drizzle fallen for 2-3 days. In case you are planning to rip-off a starship, I do simple veterinary medicine. What is hypnocracy? Who is St. Dilbert? Run twice as fast as you can run. I’m doing my best not to be a fan. Am I writing to a computer or real people? Develop wrap-around concert sound. Get a banjo or fiddle player. Form a symphony orchestra from Dead Heads. Make Coke commercials or an underarm thing. Gibran, “Yet unless the exchange be in love and kindly justice it will but lead some to greed and others to hunger.” The physical newcomers can go — cool, cool –but they don’t dig the head. Is this bad? I don’t know, do you think so? It’s impossible to ask any more of any musicians than what you’ve given us. Release more singles. I love you. (From Dead Heads’ Letters)

Page 100 GDFA Alembic

Helicopter shot on the ride into the show at Englishtown, NJ. See Page 145 for another page on Englishtown.

The huge gathering for the Grateful Dead at Raceway Park, Englishtown, New Jersey, September 3, 1977. Promoter John Scher of Monarch Entertainment, used one of the most original security fences in rock concert history: a line of box car freight modules surrounded the whole site.

Photo Credits: Jerilyn Lee Brandelius