Page 100 GDFA Alembic

Joined to the karass like its shadow is the concept of Hypnocracy. You’ll get a confusing variety of answers if you inquire the meaning of the word in fact, it’s considered bad form to ask. “It’s for me to know and you to find out,” said Garcia. “I used to know,” said Frankie Weir, adding that it depended on whether you asked a Bolo or a Bozo. Frankie’s partner Rosie stumbled and fell to one knee when asked; this was widely admired in the Dead family as an explanation of Hypnocracy. – Charles Perry (Rolling Stone)

Phil Lesh Page 100 GDFA- two pieces put together

Downtown Deb, host of Dead Air at back in the day when she was known as Debbie Stern.

Che' Jordan and Josh Rakow showing their muscles.

My best friend and long time Family member Hope Thayer Iaccaci Craw Lambrecht Iaccaci.


Page 100 GDFA Alembic

The staff of Out of Town Tours is joined by the amazing Ramblin’ Jack Elliot and some of the folks from The Sons of Champlin.

Booking agents for the Grateful Dead and New Riders of the Purple Sage in early 1970. Standing, from left, is first an unknown person, then Julie Haas, Zero Nylin, Rita Gentry-Tarrini, Ken Beals, Wally Haas, Sam Cutler, Jim Preston, Jeff Torrens and Linda Gonzales. Sitting from left, is the ubiquitous Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Bruce Baxter, Gail Hellund, Frances Carr, Jackrabbit Forchette, and last but not least ‘Mustang’ Sally Dryden.

Photo Credits: Unknown