Jerilyn asked me to post this for her, this is an email that Carolyn Garcia sent to many of her friends.

John Perry Barlow passed away, or did he? Not for me.

Today this morning I had the most amazing dream. I dreamed I was driving in my little gold BMW convertible that I used to have that I loved so much, going through a town where I lived, it was a town with a lot of water and hills so sort of like San Francisco but not and I was on my way to an event and pulled into a parking lot by what looked like an art museum or Symphony Hall in a beautiful park with big trees and it was I think a Sunday morning thing. I parked the car and walked down the path through the woodsy area and up and over a big grassy hill. The path was very wide and bit muddy and a lot of people had obviously been on this path that was very well trodden. I walked a long way around and down the grassy hill over to the other side and finally came down to a dark low building and went inside. That was where the event was. there was a lot of people in there, there was dancing and talking. The guy behind the bar was kind of scrowley but was good-natured and I was looking around for people I knew. I put my coat and purse down somewhere and just hung out and had a good time for a long time with all sorts of weird folk and pleasant encounters.

And then it was time to head back, there were some odd mind games going on…which I can’t remember. I had a conversation of some sort with the bartender and after a while he playfully and kindly helped me find my coat and purse. It had been really pleasant and engaging in a weird way but most everybody had left by the time I left. I walked back up the long path and up toward the top of the hill and right there on the side of the hill I ran into John Perry Barlow! He was looking really hot and dressed smartly in a pale creme jacket and new boots like he was about 40 years old and full of sparkling lively twinkle as he usually was and we chatted for a couple of minutes but he had to hustle on down to the event because he had somebody to meet there. I walked on up the hill and as I came over the top walking quickly toward the parking lot I encountered Barlow again and there he was in the sunlight looking very very nice and I said “hey you! how you doing now what’s all this? now there’s two of you !” and he laughed and give me a hug and a smooch and he says “yeah, and now there’s gonna be a lot more of me!” He gave me that twinkly blue eyed look, his great big smile, waves at me and says “I will be seeing you soon, ” and we parted happily and I went on and got in my car and drove away smiling ….and woke up.

But it was so good to see him. I had this dream early on the morning after I was told that he had died, so there you go! It made me really really happy and I woke up super happy because I knew there was gonna be more BARLOW to come and many more Barlows, so that’s the very good news from my perspective.

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Carolyn Garcia