Get started

1. Getting started is easy, go the Community Newsfeed tab, scroll down, read posts and articles and add comments. This is similar to a large social site that we all know and love.

2. Unlike that site there is another way to see posts: use the main menu items beside Community Newsfeed specifically Hub and Spokes. There find content organized by category. The good news is that this content stays where it is and doesn’t slowly get pushed to the bottom of the Community feed! And like the Community feed, you can add comments.

Friends and Family

1. After checking out the site, take the time to fill out your profile with at least your first and last name and some sort of avatar picture which you can upload from your computer. This site is a Family and we won’t have anonymous people on the site.

2. It goes without saying that we won’t tolerate hurtful, hateful, overtly commercial or political, or irrelevant comments or posts.

Adding a Comment

1. This is easy peasy. Type your comment into the Comments field and hit the ‘Post’ button at the bottom-right. If you don’t like your post hit the ‘Cancel’ button.

2. If you want to add a photo click the camera icon on the right. It will allow you to upload a photo (or take one if your device allows). You can have both text and photo(s) in a single comment.

3. Adding a Name to a comment: To add someone’s name into a thread first type the ‘@’ key and then the first letter of their name and you should see a list appear from which you can select their name (similar to FB). You need to be friends with that person to do this.

Hub and Spokes

1. The Wheel staff and Family contributors add content to the site which you find organized in the Hub tab. This content is permanent and easy-to-find via the menu system (unlike the Newsfeed content which just flows.) The Spokes are other websites related to the Band and Family. If you want something added, say a link to an event you are hosting or attending, simply add it as a Comment in the Community newsfeed and leave a note like: dear wheel people, please add this awesome event to the Events Page. You might also want to suggest or perhaps even help curate a new content category; maybe a Posters or Poetry or Photography page – please drop us a note in the Newsfeed. Please also recommend Spokes and it is important that you leave comments about the Spokes that you are familiar with.

Edit Account

1. In the right sidebar you should see you profile picture and below your name, ‘Edit Account’. Here you can change basic information, set your preferences for email notifications, view your latest notifications, etc. For example, to add your first and last name find About in the list and click it.