Last night at Sweetwater with Nathan Kappus from Wallstreet DeadAHead was such a blast! Pictures coming soon.

Celebrating the life we shared with Jerry by hearing his music! We had an amazing dinner and then the pleasure of returning to 1969 with Dead 69, including Tom Constanten, who played keyboards then.

This was a year I saw the Grateful Dead probably more than most years because I was Chet Helms secretary and Girl Friday at Family Dog on the Great Highway. I haven’t researched how many shows it was, but the band was happy to support Chet by playing for a low fee so they were there a lot.

I became good friends with the equipment guys who were referred to as “quippies” and eventually got to know Jerry because he always showed up early and loved to talk to Chet and the rest of us production folks while we set up the show. The other guys dribbled in for sound check but by then everyone was super busy and the deep friendships with everyone else developed after the Family Dog on the Great Highway closed and I went to work at Warner Brothers Records. That is a whole other story, so keep coming back for more…