I am publishing this a Post for easier access and to let us all use that part of the site.

Front End, Content, Back End

A. Front End

1. Designers do landing page and general layout – in progress – Nick on landing page
2. Family Bloggers page – Working – posts added in back-end, need to be categorized by Author
3. Menus – Done
4. Add a photo gallery page – back burner for now, sidebar has Latest Photos
5. GDFA book pages – Phase 1 is one with links to old site, sub-optimal but will have to do for now
6. Add social links, e.g. FB etc. – these can be added using FB SDK – need to work on strategy
7. Spokes page – Phase 1 is in. Needs to be done in back end, sub-optimal but will have to do for now
8. Newsfeed – Filter and Sort – See Back End
9. About Page – draft is Done
10. Static content pages – Done – See Stuff. Added as posts using Press This Button and categorized
11. Misc bugs and improvements that Peepso needs to fix – in progress
12. Add Peepso BagesOSplugin, consider WordFilter, Reactions2, and CM Answers Pro Plugins

B. Content

1. Get JLB on the site commenting and adding stuff
2. Everybody else on the site commenting and adding stuff – in progress – some people have added stuff
3. Write How-Tos for contributors, that is, adding Stuff items and Blog posts and Spokes – in progress (Spokes done)
4. Solicit for and add more Spokes
5. Add more News
6. Finish GDFA chapters pages
7. Find and appoint News, Music, Posters, Events and other Categories editors
8. Get more Family on board (JLB)

C. Back End

copy of Jeanne’s list from Developers Group – Jan 25

1) synchronization of comments between pages/posts and activity feed by using a special shortcode in the post/page itself (currently working on this)
2) re-order activity feed so that last modified is used instead of date created (hopefully comments will change the last modified) on the activity feed posts
3) auto-adding a photo to the Peepso BlogPost plugin (Matt’s plugin).
4) Determine if there is a way to fix the blog post feed using Matt’s plugin when using the divi builder.


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