Chapter 1 – Because of the Formlessness

Page 30 Merry Pranksters

Acid Tests
Dec. 4, 1965. Big Nig’s House, San Jose
Dec. 11, Muir Beach Lodge
Dec. 18, The Big Beat Club, San Jose January, 1966, Portland, OR
January 8, Fillmore Auditorium, SF
January 22 and 23, Trips Festival, Long-shoreman’s Hall, SF
January 29, Sound City Studios, SF February 11, Youth Opportunities Center, Compton (Watts Acid Test) February, LA, (Sunset Acid Test)
April 5, LA, (Pico Acid Test)
October 2, SF State University Cafeteria

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Page 31 Olompali

The scene at Olompali

The man in black smoking a cigarette in the middle of this group of partiers is Michael Wilhelm of The Charlatans.

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