Page 76 and 77 Pyrotechnics

Boots was our pyrotechnician. It was on a New Year's Eve, I guess it must have been '72 or '73 in San Francisco, and he had these things set up that had the numbers '72 or '73 and, right at the stroke of midnight, he set them off. They were like some kind of flash...

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Page 86 Bolo or Bozo

One St. Dilbert defected from the Bozos and lived for a season with the Bolos. In view of his subsequent martyrdom, his penitence and reconciliation with the Bozos, it came to be said that he was a true hypnocratic missionary to Bololand. And to look back, it appears evident that Bozo and Bolo knew themselves each the other’s raison d’etre. Is hypnocracy not the aspiration to know what it is?
– Choirmaster

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Page 92 Europe ’74

Sam Cutler, a rock legend and one of the band’s managers and promoters of the European tour. Here he is with Rudson Shurtliff, his godson, who is the son of Ramrod and Francis.

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