Page 186 New Year’s Eve with the Blues Brothers

Leave it to the Dead Heads to ultimately recover the stolen Grateful Dead banners that vanished New Year’s Eve. Mark Francis says that he and his fellow Dead Heads, the ad hoc Banner Recovery Team, tailed the suspects through the streets of San Francisco for two days before receiving a phone tip late one night that led them to locate the banners in the hands of two young men, who “weren’t Dead Heads at all,” according to Francis. The banners were later returned to the Grateful Dead office by a member of Bill Graham’s organization, and Francis is giving the thousand dollars in reward money to those that deserve it. We hope that’s enough to cover the cars that Francis says they cracked up while pursuing the thieves! — (BAM Magazine)

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Page 188 & 189 Brent Mydland

The band invested in some new equipment for Mydland when he joined, even buying him a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 when they discovered he didn’t have one. Unfortunately, after working a while with it, Mydland decided the instrument wasn’t right for the kind of music the Dead would be playing. “Everybody in general is into the idea of having synthesizer on the tunes. The problem is that the Dead’s music is so spur-of-the-moment,” he points out. “I might hear something that gives me an idea to change to a different program, but by the time I’d come up with it, they’d be off on something else. I don’t like to be left back there trying to figure out what to come up with. It’s not the kind of group where you can work things out in advance, like, ‘Okay, here I go to 22 .'” – (The Golden Road)

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Page 204 and 205 The Rainbow

Grateful Dead Concert Grosses: Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, Ala., April 28, $9.50 top, $30,847 ($50,760 potential); Fox Theatre, Atlanta, April 29, $9.50 top, $36,062 SRO; Greensboro (N.C.) Civic Center, May I, $8.50 top, $53,831 ($129,594 potential); Hampton Rhodes Coliseum, Hampton, Va., May 2, $8.50 top, $81,799 ($103,500 potential);i Baltimore Civic Center, May 5, $9.50 top, $90,791 ($118,713 potential); Recreation Hall, Penn State U., State College, Pa., May 6, $12 flat, $45,708 ($60,000 potential); Barton Hall, Cornell U., Ithaca, N.Y., May 7, $8.50 top, $67,770 SRO; Civic Center, Glens Falls, N.Y., May 8, $9.50 top, $64,953 SRO. Civic Center, Hartford, May 10, $10.50 top, $156,946 SRO; Cumberland County Civic Centre, Portland, Me., May 10, $9.50 flat, $88,160 SRO; Boston Gardens, May 12, $ 10.50 top, $148,325 ($159,080 potential); Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, L.I., N.Y., May 14-16, three shows, $10.50 top, $554,288 SRO. — Variety

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