Barlow by John F. McMullen John Perry Barlow died February 7th He was a friend not a close friend but a friend. He was many things -- a cattle rancher -- a lyricist for the Grateful Dead -- co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation -- and a person who seemed to...

It’s All About the Music

It’s All About the Music

There’s just something about being in communion with thousands of other people with one focus. From the time you walk through the doors of the venue, or get out of your car in the case of a Dead show, you’re THERE. Everyone is, with few exceptions, in a heightened sense of life. Music just digs into the soul like nothing else can except maybe for God, and for many they are one in the same.

Robert Hunter on Long Island

Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia 2/29/1980

Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead Long Island

What do you say about the Calderone Concert Hall?? Depends on who is there. Whether it be punk, prose, folk, progressive, New Wave or Dead, live music is my treat, and this was the place to watch and learn.

Talking Heads? Ian Dury? (stories for another time) Robert Hunter?

‘The Orifice’

The last thing anybody wanted to do in the Grateful Dead family was to work in an office. Heaven forbid! Every single member of the family was as suited to working in an office as they were to being in the Marine Corps, though it should be noted that Ken Babbs of the pranksters was a former Marine, who had joined with Kesey and ‘gone troppo’ as they say in Australia. But I digress somewhat. Back to talking of that yawning hole of a dark and mysterious cave…

English Town New Jersey

As the opening notes of 'Promised Land' broke the noise we could see throngs approach us from the left as the masses ignored the barriers and landed in space. So, this all started when Englishtown was announced. My friends on Long Island said, Too Far?? I seemed to be...

John Perry Barlow passed away, or did he? Not for me.

Jerilyn asked me to post this for her, this is an email that Carolyn Garcia sent to many of her friends. John Perry Barlow passed away, or did he? Not for me. Today this morning I had the most amazing dream. I dreamed I was driving in my little gold BMW convertible...

The Lot, T-shirts, and Changes

One thing that was very noticeable to me when I saw Dead and Co. at the Gorge last year is the lack of vendors. The lot wasn't the scene that it used to be when I used to see the Dead in the 80s. I didn't see anyone selling anything and I was so sad! My friend Leah...

Social Network

There are a lot of reasons I started this social network aspect of the GDFA. A few of them relate to where we hang out now, that is, FB. The first one is, our community needs it. Too many ads and bad news on FB for me and many of my friends. We wanted an alternative...