Built To Last

The Wheel is intended to be a central cyber-gathering place for Deadheads and all things related to the Grateful Dead. We have created The Wheel, using the Grateful Dead Family Album Book in the center as a catalyst. The Hub is permanent content: photography, news, Family stories, event listings and everything of interest to the Dead community. The Spokes are websites that relate in some way to the Band and the Family. We encourage everyone to send us links to your business and creative endeavors to add to the Spokes.

This social network and Community Newsfeed is a place to communicate with each other and continue to build our history by adding stories and photos to our personal pages.

We are creating something Built To Last and I will be adding to this site for the rest of my natural life! As I hope will all of you.

-Jerilyn Brandelius

Why the Wheel

The Grateful Dead community has always had a place in my heart.  Sure the music is great, but what I have enjoyed most out of all the years following the Dead is the community, the friends I have made over the years, and the feeling of belonging to something much bigger than just following a band.  Some of the connections for me started when I joined the Well. The Well has a large Grateful Dead community.  It was a place where you could share your thoughts on the music and also band together for causes like the Minglewood Town Council (our attempt at saving the Kaiser Auditorium for shows).  So that is why I am excited about The Wheel!  I see it as a centralized location for all things Grateful Dead, a place you can find out about upcoming shows, a place to find historical treasures posted by the family members, and most importantly, the community that will evolve here.

You may ask why not just use Facebook?  Facebook is great for connecting with old friends but information on the band is spread out all over Facebook. You need to either join groups related to the band or follow the various family members.  Also, it is really easy to miss items in the news feed as there is no ordering to the posts and there is a lot of other stuff that gets thrown in that you don’t care about (i.e. most of my news feed these days is political).  The Wheel not only is a social network but as mentioned before will provide a central location for all things Grateful Dead, something that is long overdue!

-Jeanne, Wheel Staffer